Bolivia – Sucre

The White City

We got to Sucre by bus just after lunchtime. We had something to eat at a cafe that overlooks the city (very touristy and has live music as well). Ricky still felt sick after lunch so he stayed in the hotel and I did the walking tour with the rest of the group.


In Sucre there is a big university scattered around the city, so you’re sure to find good WIFI, great cafes and cheap bars everywhere. Majority of the buildings in the city are white, so that’s how it became known as ‘the white city’. My favourite part of our quick 20minute city tour was of the major park, which is filled with mini European icons such as the Eiffel tower and little ‘big’ Ben. When we walked through there was go karts, heaps of street food (safe to eat) and bouncy castles etc.

IMG_20151129_162047309 IMG_20151129_162044754

That night we went to Joy Ride Cafe for dinner, and had a reasonably good night. We ended up playing pool for a while and Ricky was actually able to stomach food for more than 1 minute.

Metro Cafe & Rock Climbing

We were relieved when we found out we had the next morning off, so we slept in, had breakfast and then went to Metro Café for an amazing coffee and some lunch (which is relatively cheap). WiFi was also amazingly fast compared to everywhere else so far.

IMG_20151201_170223404_HDR IMG_20151201_170227460_HDR

That afternoon we went rock climbing with 2 other people from our group and did 4 walls which was super fun (besides one of the hand holds on the walls crumbling for Ricky and it nearly killing one of our guides with falling debris).



That night we went to a pub for dinner (and to celebrate one of the girl’s from our tours 20th Birthday! Some of the people from our group went to the Dinosaur park that day so they invited the nice tour guide to come play guitar for the birthday girl! After dinner the rest of the group headed to Karaoke and we went home.

GoFit Gym & Markets

Last day in Sucre, so we got up late again, packed and had breakfast. Went for a walk around the markets, but didn’t see much, however some of the silver jewelry was very nice and we got some nice handmade Christmas cards. We walked through the food section where you can go to juice bars, but they felt slightly dodgy, so we decided not the risk it. We met up with 2 girls from our tour and walked through the meat section – bad idea. Massive chunks of meat sitting out in the heat with flies everywhere, did not build our confidence for the quality of food we were meant to be eating at the restaurants. After the markets we both went to GoFit gym to do some weights, with disappointing results. No training, bad eating habits and being sick definitely don’t help (nor the altitude). Later that arvo we headed back to Metro Café to use the wifi and have a late lunch/dinner before taking the night bus to La Paz.


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