Bolivia – Uyuni

Train Cemetery

After traveling through the Salt flats on our last day of 4x4ing we arrived to Uyuni at about 1. The first thing we did when we got there was go to the Train Cemetery. It was really cool (and free). Some of the trains had swings built into them and we played around for a good 30minutes.

IMG_20151126_124037966 IMG_20151126_123005727 IMG_20151126_123102969 IMG_20151126_123559080 IMG_20151126_123703010

Uyuni is surprisingly expensive, and some of the people on the tour had issues with the ATMs (one swallowed a card, another didn’t give the money).

Llama Steak & Markets

After everyone got cash out, we all split for lunch and to wander the markets. We found a little upstairs restaurant (there was 5 of us that stayed together) and Ricky got to order the Llama steak. There was a kids birthday party on in the restaurant and they were creepily well behaved. Everyone was well dressed, eating dinner type meals and watching TV in silence. You could tell who the birthday girl was by her big dress and hair-do.


The markets had some good items like Columbia ski jackets for around $60 (genuine), although they didn’t have Ricky’s size. Everyone headed back to the hotel to destroy the WIFI and have a hot shower since we hadn’t had any for 2.5 days.

American Pizza & Drinking Games

That night we had the ‘best pizza in Bolivia’ which was actually quite decent. An American guy owns the place and the pizzas were huge. Ricky ate a large Mexican pizza in under 10 minutes and the owner came over afterwards to congratulate him/shook his hand.


Following dinner we all went to the Awesome Fun Pub, and played several drinking games. Unfortunately you could smoke inside so we left after about 2 hours. Ricky got his arse stamped for a half price drink for me as well.




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