Chile – San Pedro de Atacama

Sand Roads and Tourist Built

We arrived late in the arvo to San Pedro by bus. We didn’t have any Chilean pesos so the first thing our group did was to take out money from one of the main ATMs. Note: get Chilean pesos beforehand if you can, the machine charges a lot and can sometimes run out of money.

We also exchanged whatever Argentinian pesos we had left and looked around the markets. I had broken my sunglasses so I bought a knock off pair; the markets were really good for scarves, blankets, coca leaves, jewelry and… Viagara haha. Ricky bought a Chile badge.

We had dinner at a random place, it wasn’t anything special, but we did meet a couple from Melbourne who were travelling with their little boy.

Sandboarding in Atacama Desert

We had breakfast at a cafe (Salon) because it was not included in our accommodation. It was really fast, yum and a great price (ham and cheese omelette, toast and coffee). After that we went sandboarding for two hours in the Atacama desert. We did at least 10 runs and the equipment was really good; we got boots and everything. The instructor taught us how to brake and which side to go down as well – while we were boarding we had music blasting from the van so it was really fun…the only struggle was walking back up the hill.



Moon Valley Tour

After that we went and bought snacks, exchanged more money and did bits and pieces until 4.30 when we went for the moon valley tour. First up was the cavern tour, which went for about 20 minutes. There were lots of small spaces and you definitely needed a light of some-kind (we just used our phone lights)


After that we walked up the massive hill to see the amphitheater which had amazing views and we saw the moon rise over the volcano. Our last stop was another viewpoint where we got to see the sunset, drink Pisco sours and eat crisps with our group.


We had a late dinner at a really cool restaurant, the food portions were massive and they had a live band. After a few drinks, the band played the Tom Jones song about leaving your hat on and well… some people in the restaurant started stripping (we had one guy from our group start to strip then he stopped once he realised that the other guys were actually going full nude). It was a good way to end our last night in San Pedro. We also ran into the Melbourne couple again who gave us some good tips about Macchu Pichu and other parts of Peru, Bolivia etc.



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