Argentina – Salta

The City of Mullets

We flew in early the Salta from Buenos Aires and the first thing we noticed were the sick mullets everywhere, far worse than in Australia.

We had lunch in the town centre and tried Empanadas. After that most of our group went up the cable car to get scenic photos of the city, but it was overcast so a few of us decided not to go. Went to the local markets across the street and it mainly had clothes, nick nacks, mate cups, knives etc. We went back to the hotel after that and had dinner in the town centre later on.

Horseback Riding

It was a 1 hour drive to the ranch in the morning and when we arrived we got kitted out and shown to our horses. Ricky’s was called Bruja, meaning witch, however he renamed it thunder; mine had a Spanish name for Party (not fiesta) and conveniently enough, she was pregnant. The views were incredible and we were riding for about 2-3 hours. Because mine was pregnant, she kept stopping to eat, so I kept a nice and steady pace at the back while Ricky’s was super competitive and trotted to the front to get away from the middle. He got to gallop a lot which was cool and his horse kept getting told off by the Gaucho’s.


When we got back, Ricky’s horse took no shit and rode up to the wooden thing to tie him to and smashed it over with his head. Once Ricky got off he flicked the reigns off his head, but you can’t blame them (sometimes they ride up to 3 times in a day).

After riding we had a BBQ (all you can eat), which was amazing. The meat was delicious and massive selection of salads. Also all you can drink red wine (because “vino blanco is for gays” – hilarious non PC old guy at the Ranch who cooked).

At night we were both still full from easily a kg of meat, so we didn’t have dinner and just got ice-cream instead; although Argentina is really expensive, we found the ice-cream was only 14p for 2 scoops and delicious. We also looked at another markets which had really nice jewellery, then caught up with the rest of the group.



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