Florianopolis – Week 4

Day 22 – Double Training Day

Today Ricky trained twice at Rilion Gracie while I did stuff around the house. I went to the gym that night and did 2 classes.

Day 23 – Itaguacu Shopping

It was another shitty weather day so we thought we’d knock Itaguacu Shopping Centre off the list. It was a pain in the arse shopping centre to get to. We took 2 buses and walked 2 km to the shops. It was a pretty average shopping centre (run down and going through renovation). I needed a day pack so I bought a Nike one for about $50AUD. We got extremely lost coming back home because the street we got dropped off at only went 1 way. We finally got on a bus that was double the price and made it back to Centro. Again, we trained that night.

Day 24 – Stand Up Paddle Boarding

It rained in the morning, but in the afternoon it was pretty sunny so we jumped at the opportunity to go Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP). We went to Barra Da Lagoa, but we couldn’t find anywhere to do it so Ricky settled for a hot churro. We caught the bus back to Lagoa (number 360) and did SUP along the lagoon for about $10AUD. I kicked Ricky’s ass, he fell in 3 times while I only got wet getting on and off. Ricky went to BJJ that night and I went to LOT CrossFit.

Day 25 – CrossFit Cordylus / Books & Beers

It was an amazingly sunny Saturday so we went and checked out CrossFit Cordylus 1st Birthday party in Centro. They had a burger truck there so we ate burgers and chilled. In the afternoon we napped and went to Books & Beers for dinner. After that we topped off out fat day with bowl of Acai and Nutella Crepe.

Day 26 – Local Tour / Buffet Lunch and New Friends

Our host took us and another couple (Federico & Keity – from Italy) for a tour around Floripa. I Skyped my family in the morning and then we were on our way.

Here is the lowdown of where we went:

Barra da Lagoa – Campeche – Armacao (viewed from the monastery) – Matadeira – Pantano do Sul – Riberao da Ilha.

We checked out the beaches, had lunch in Matadeira at por kilo buffet, went to a cachaça distillery in Riberao and tried lots of fruits and variations, we settled on the pineapple. That night we went to dinner at Books & Beers with Federico & Keity.

You can see all our photos of Florianopolis here.


Day 27 – Lazy Catch Up Day

We were going to go Scuba Diving in the morning but the weather was shit again so we couldn’t. I had a big nap while Ricky got a professional shave, picked up the laundry and researched holiday stuff.

Day 28 – North Island Exploring / Spartans BJJ & Beaches

Federico & Keity had hired a car so we were able to tag along on their trip up to the North of the Island.

We went to Santinho and had juice, Canasveiras for lunch and Jurere for a espresso. We stopped off at Fort de Sao Jose and finished the day with acai. We then made the journey back home. All three beaches (apart from Santinho) had very calm water, good for swimming. That night Ricky went to Spartans BJJ in Rio Tavares, and I went to our normal gym for cross training.

Day 29 – Ilha do Campeche

We wanted to visit the island Ilha do Campeche so we caught the buses (843-462) down to Campeche and took one of the inflatables for the 5 minute ride across to the island. Spent about 3 hours on the island in total (max time allowed is 4 hours I think, boat said he’d grab us at 4, we arrived at 12). It only cost like 70R each.

We went in the water for about 30 mins then did one of the one hour tours of the archaeological sites. You can’t roam the island without a guide so you have to pay for a mini tour. They can be for 1 hour, 2 hours or even 3 hours. After our 1 hour tour we went for a swim again, and the water was freezing. There was only 1 restaurant/mini shop, but it looked closed so we were hungry and didn’t have any water. It started to rain and thunderstorm so we bailed and got the earlier 3pm boat from the island. All in all, still definitely worth a visit. After getting home Ricky went to BJJ @ Rilion Gracie Floripa, while I went to our normal gym and picked up washing.


Day 30 – I Fucked Up & Sand Boarding

I booked some of our Colombia trip in the morning but I fucked up the dates (29/11 instead of 29/12 ….). We went sandboarding in the arvo with Federico & Keity @ Joaquina. We had lunch on the beach and explored for an hour or so then went home. Ricky went to Rilion Gracie that night and I went to our normal gym.

Day 31 – El Grillo & Holiday Planning

Pretty chill day, we did some holiday planning, picked up groceries and laundry. We went to El Grillo for dinner and then watched skaters in the food truck park and had beer with Federico & Keity.

Day 32 – Floripa Lookout / Bar Do Lado & Jack Bar

This was our last day so we went to the lookout in Florianopolis. Ricky’s phone fucked up and deleted all our photos as soon as we caught the bus, so we had to go up again and get them twice. We had a last tastes of Brazilian salted popcorn and caldo de cana…definitely going to be missed. We fixed  the dates for our flights to Colombia and packed. I forced Ricky to have acai before dinner (it was his final one) he had it with mango, granola and powdered milk. After we went to Bar do Lado for dinner (Ricky was craving bife acebolado) with Federico & Keity – acebolado was very average, nothing on Jericoacoara. We then went to check out John Bull but couldn’t get in (Ricky had no ID, Federico had thongs), so we ended up at Jack Bar for an expensive drink (watching UFC 193).

Additional activities we wanted to do

Scuba Diving –

Arvoredo Island (Seadivers in Ponta das Canas), Floripadive (in Fortaleza da Barra da Lagoa) http://www.seadivers.com.br/index.php/contato http://www.floripadive.com.br/#_=_

Kite Surfing –

Lagoa da Conceição, Praia Mole (http://openwinds.com.br/2.0/contato/  or http://www.gokite.com.br/contatos/)

Nightclub –

Life Club Floripa


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