Florianopolis CrossFit

LOT CrossFit

Head Coach/Owner: Nelson

Cost: $35-$55R per class*

Location: Lagoa


When I was searching for a box to train at I saw that LOT CrossFit was the closest to me. The transport system is really shit (no trains, only buses), so when I found out it was only a 15minute bus ride and was guaranteed a bus every 20 minutes when coming home (even past 9pm), I knew it would be the easiest.

Nelson is the owner/head coach and takes all/majority of the classes. When I arrived he was really excited and gave me a quick tour of the place and told me how their classes usually run. It was a really relaxed box and he spoke perfect English. The club was about 2 times bigger than any box in Rio, so it was nice to see he knew every single person’s name in every class and their PBs.

I arrived in the middle of their Widow Maker program, so I was excited to get my squat back. It was hard. In my first session I got dizzy and thought I was going to pass out.

I trained there for just over 2 weeks, so if you want to know exactly what I did in each class just flick me a message 🙂

Nelson always made sure I was involved (spoke instructions in Portuguese and English) and paid attention to my form. I got invited to the clubs parties and he even told me about another gyms 1st birthday party so me and Ricky went to that.

I felt like a part of the club towards the end of my stay, people recognized me and spoke to me in English, I was also offered a lift home on multiple occasions.**

*Nelson is super generous and worked out a deal with me, which included 2 free classes and more from buying a couple of shirts. Have a chat with him about your expected class frequency and how long you’ll be in Floripa for.

**Hitchhiking/catching lifts is safe in Floripa (especially Lagoa) just because the transport system is so shit.

CrossFit Floripa

These guys have 2 gyms, 1 in floripa and one in Sao Jose. From what I read I thought these guys were the number 1 gym, but I didn’t go there because it would have taken 1 ½ hours and 2 buses.

CrossFit Cordylus

I didn’t train there but I did go to there first birthday party.

As soon as we got there, the owner introduced themselves to Ricky and I, but I think as soon as they realized we didn’t speak a lot of Portuguese that fizzled out the conversation.

We didn’t get to speak to many people, but we did however….eat.

Academia Power Club

On our first day in Florianopolis Ricky and I signed up to the gym that was about a 5 minute walk from our house. It was a pretty fancy gym as far as Brazilian gyms go. It didn’t have bumper plates but we were happy with a squat rack and I was excited to use the kettlebells.

They also had exercise classes (think les mills) and tucked in at the back of the club was a Jiu Jitsu room and Pilates room.

Ricky followed a body building program while we were there and I joined him reluctantly. The worst part about the program was the 20minutes of cardio after the weights. I made up lots of excuses as to why I couldn’t run on the treadmill for a full 20 minutes, so when I found out they had cross-training classes, I would do that instead of the 20minutes.

The cross-training classes went for an hour (sometimes 30minute classes) and it felt like CrossFit without the heavy weights. The WODs were always high reps with no or low weights. These classes were only in Portuguese, but instructions were written down on the board and the instructor always did a demonstration first (it’s very handy to learn numbers).

I did a lot of these classes so I didn’t both writing down the WODs, but they usually started with a mini WOD of 3 or 4 rounds of a few movements. Then we would go into some skill work like double unders, snatches with kettlebells, push press, handstands and then go into the WOD. The only annoying thing about these classes were that you had to book them 2 hours in advance, most people would call the gym to let them know, but because I didn’t have a phone I would usually train first with Ricky, do some stretches, then go to the class. They were limited to 8 or so people and you trained barefoot as well.

Other classes I did:

  • Stretching class
  • 1.5 hour max intensity spin/circuit class
  • They had classes with small trampolines as well, but I was never able to fit it in, very disappointed.

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