Florianopolis – Week 3

Day 15 – Floripa Shopping & LOT CrossFit

The shit weather pattern continued so we went to Floripa Shopping (actual name of the shopping centre). It has over 160 shops and a cinema. It was the best shopping centre we’d been to so far in Florianopolis. It had a lot less high end fashion type stores. Ricky bought a new pair of sunglasses and I got a nice pair of yoga/workout pants.

That night I went to LOT Crossfit and Ricky went to BJJ.

Day 16 – Rilion Gracie & Blog stuff

Ricky went to a different gym (Rilion Gracie Academy), during the day but the timetable was wrong on the net, so he showed up expecting a no-gi class. The teacher told him he couldn’t train because it was a gi only class. I went and did grocery shopping/laundry then trained at LOT CrossFit again. Ricky went and did weights and BJJ at our normal gym.

Day 17 – RICKY’S BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was Friday and Ricky’s 25th Birthday! We started the day by Skyping home to Ricky’s parents. We spoke to them for about 1.5 hours and then Ricky wanted to train at the gym. Later we went to a buffet lunch at Das Minas which was pretty average and then Ricky wanted to go to BJJ that night. After training we went to the local English pub (The Black Swan) that night which was packed, and you needed ID. Unfortunately the pub was nothing special given the line length to get in.

Day 18 – Rugby Grand Final and Football Game

We got home last night at around 2am so we woke up late. The Rugby Grand Final was on so we went to the Black Swan again to watch it. Although Australia lost it was still awesome to watch. That night we went to the Futebol at Ressacada. Avai were playing an outsider team and they drew 1-1. We ate a lot of food at the game (pasties, churros and popcorn). It was easier to get home from this stadium, I think because this time we just followed the supporters even though it was in the middle of nowhere (near the airport).


Day 19 – Holiday Research

Poo weather, so we watched TV, uploaded photos and did a little bit of holiday research.

Day 20 – Cucumber Victory

This day was a very exciting day for Ricky. For many days on our trips to the supermarket we argued about some of the fresh produce. We saw a green vegetable and I told him it was a zucchini, he was adamant it was a cucumber. We made a bet, loser has to make the bed for exactly 1 week. I lost.

It was a long weekend (Public Holiday – All Souls Day) and the gyms/shops were closed, so we did a lot of holiday planning and watched tv shows/movies.

Day 21 – Beach Praia da Joaquina & Sand boarding

Today we got up early and went straight to the gym. We then watched the Addams Family. We missed our bus so we picked up our laundry and posted some postcards. Post offices here are called Correiros.

The weather wasn’t terrible so we went to Praia da Joaquina on bus 363. Very nice beach. We climbed on the rocks and took photos.


We walked back up the hill to Duna da Joaquina for sandboarding. $20R an hour (like $6AUD), which is more than enough. It was way better than the sand boarding in Lagoa. Rental guys are on the opposite side of the road in the sea container. Dune is opposite the bar. We trained that night.


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