Florianopolis – Week 2

Day 8 – Shit Weather

It took us a week to realise that the shit weather was because of El Niño, which is an extreme weather condition that happens every few years. Unfortunately we managed to catch potentially the worst one on record.  We tried to make the most of the day, by picking up laundry, doing a bit of food shopping and catching up on TV shows. We trained that night again, Ricky did BJJ and I did cross-training.

Day 9 – Shit Weather Again

Same as day 8. We trained at night, can safely say our food prep was down packed by this stage.

Day 10  – Slightly Less Shit Weather

We were training so much we slept in a little bit, but as soon as we noticed that it wasn’t raining we quickly cooked breakfast and went to the lagoon where there was sand boarding (30 min walk). Sandboard rental is for one hour is which more than enough after walking up the dunes every time.

We ate lunch late and then trained that night.

Day 11 – Beach Praia Mole & Football Match

Yay not raining! We went to Café Cultura for breakfast and then decided to visit Praia Mole beach. There we relaxed under an umbrella and Ricky got a beer while I had a coconut. It’s fairly cheap to rent an umbrella with chair, like $11AUD for the whole day. Ricky went for walk to Praia da Galheta and back, we also watched the kite surfers, surfers and all the dogs on the beach.

We had lunch at home and then quickly left for the football (Futebol) – Figuera vs Santos at Orlando Scrapelli, we took 2 buses, first the 320 to Centro then followed supporters onto bus 660 and walked with them to avoid getting lost. Definitely download Floripa Ride App as it’s like a little Google Maps (Google Maps doesn’t work in Florianopolis for public transport). Police were everywhere (including a helicopter) when we arrived, it was awesome/intense. Unfortunately it was a nil all draw.



I made the mistake of ordering a hotdog, it looked pretty but instead was one of those cocktail sausages. Ricky ordered yummy skewers. On the way home we saw that the opposition supporters were escorted by police inside a darkened bus. We waited ages to get a bus back into Centro and it took us about 1.5 hours to get home. We went out for dinner at El Grillo and shared Chicken Fajitas, then walked around to let the food babies settle.

Day 12 – Addicted to Watching Investigation Discovery

It was an overcast day so we stayed inside watching Investigation Discovery and writing blog notes.

Day 13 – Training & Errands

We woke up late then did grocery shopping, laundry and food prep. We trained later that night.

Day 14 – Haircut & Shit Weather

Ricky decided to get a haircut! It was the 2nd time he has ever had to pay to have his hair cut (godparent is a hairdresser), so Ricky sucked it up and paid the man $10R for a buzz cut. It was still raining so we just did bits and pieces around the houses (I got into a massive cleaning mood and washed the floors etc). We went to training that night as well.


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