Florianopolis – Week 1

Florianopolis (Floripa) is recommended by Trip Advisor and also by local Brazilians as one of the ‘go to’ holiday destinations in Brasil and even South America. It is beautiful here, but only when it is sunny, which was unfortunate for us because of el nino (crazy ass weather).

We have still tried to make the most out of it so we have summarised what we’ve done per week for our 4 weeks here.

Day 1 – Arrival With Surprises

Arrived one day earlier than we had booked (my fault). Luckily WIFI worked for Facebook in airport, so I was able to contact our Airbnb host and they were more than happy for us to arrive that night, they quickly prepared the room and we got a taxi there! Our hosts, Wanderlei and Paula, took us for a mini tour around Lagoa de Conceição in their 4WD, it was about 10pm when we got back to our mini house, so we walked back into the main restaurant strip and got a massive pizza for dinner.


My hand for scale, and yes, they are fried potato chips on-top of my pizza

Day 2 – Sleep-in & Errands

We woke up late, sleeping in felt amazing. We found a grocery store so we bought a heaps of groceries, did some laundry, joined a gym (2minute walk from the house) and did some cooking. Later that night we went to the gym to do weights. We just made ourselves feel at home.

Day 3 – Gym & More Errands

We went to the gym in the morning and then did admin stuff the whole day(emails/messages/notes/planning for weekend/cooking/etc.). BJJ for Ricky that night which was at the gym we joined.

Day 4 – Centro Food Markets

Ricky went to the gym in the morning, while I organised Skype with my sister, Jen. After we took the bus into Centro (30minutes) and walked around the shops / food markets. Bar was packed but most of the shops were closed, it was a Saturday so we thought everything would be open, but it had a very dead atmosphere and it was a relatively overcast day. We bought honey, spices and broccoli at the markets though. We tried meat skewers from a food truck, but they made us feel funny after.


In the Centro markets they have a section dedicated to seafood.

Day 5 – Bike Ride & Food Trucks

It was Sunday, so we woke up late and cooked breakfast. The weather was good so we took the bikes that our host let us borrow and we rode down to the lagoon to check out all the fancy seafood restaurants.  We saw:

  • SUP (Stand up Paddle Boarding),
  • Kite Surfing,
  • Boats,
  • Sand boarding places
  • People having picnics

That night we went out for dinner at the food trucks.

22002302574_6c18541412_o 22689421311_70ed12c964_o

Day 6 – Beiramar Shopping Centre

Gym in morning then: Shopping Beiramar, which has around 200 shops. It was 3 levels with nice/high end shops, nothing special. It had a gym, cinema and like 3 levels of parking as well. That night Ricky went to BJJ and I did a Cross Training class they had at the gym.

Day 7 – Iguatemi Shopping Centre

Weather was poo again, so we thought we’d get another shopping centre ticked off the list: Iguatemi Florianopolis. 200 shops again and very similar to Beiramar but with no supermarket. They had a cheap protein shop (Nutrifull on the ground floor).

We freaked out a bit at the shops because Ricky thought he lost his card but it was at home under the bed. We also did laundry, grocery shopping and food prep. We trained again that night, then went to a gym class and Ricky went to BJJ.


2 thoughts on “Florianopolis – Week 1

  1. Hey ailie. Love your blog as we are about to do the same. Staying near the lake in Lagoa. Arrived last night and saw Beers and burgers! Can you provide the names of the gyms you went to and roughly where they are? And how did you get there? Thanks! Carly


    1. Hey Carly, the main gym was Academia Power Club, right next to the bus station in Lagoa. There’s other Crossfit and BJJ gyms around the place, depends what you’re looking for. Cheers, Ricky


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