Florianopolis – BJJ (Badeco – Part 1)

BJJ @ Trem Bala Badeco BJJ (A.S. Team / Gracie Floripa)

Getting There – Five minute walk from our AirBnB place. Simple to get to, located right next to the main bus station in Lagoa da Conceição. Inside the gym called Academia Power Club.

Neighbourhood – Super safe neighbourhood, haven’t had any issues. Even when walking down the street with headphones in and phone in hand after finishing class at 23:00.

Cost – First class free, others are $35R. For one month I was told it’d cost $150R however I only paid $135R (may have been cheaper since I’d already signed up for the gym which was $235R).

School – Small school located at the back of a gym. Gym is relatively high-end (lots of machines etc.) however no bumper plates (or regular sized plates for that matter), no rotating barbells, and squat rack is relatively average (no spotting arms / safety pins – same as bench press). Being at the back of the gym means good changing rooms, water fountains and anything else you could need.

Class – Usually Monday and Tuesday have the most people, up to 20 in one case, usually more than 10. Wednesday and Thursday usually have less than 10 and Friday about five (supposed to be open mat … although have done some techniques?). Usually about 2 black belts, 3-4 purples, 3 blues, 3-4 whites. In the first two week probably met around 5 black belts, 1 brown belt, 5 purples, 5 blues and 7 whites. Class is typically 15 minutes late followed by a 15 minute warmup, 15-20 minutes of drilling (usually the one technique) and then 30 minutes of rolling. Everyone in the class is very friendly and has a great atmosphere, guarantee Badeco will give you a nickname such as Gigante, Australia (alternated daily) or on the odd occasion, Monster. Noted also white belts (no tip / 1st tip) tended to do separate techniques to the rest of the class, focusing primarily on the basics.

Warmup – Running forward / facing in / facing out, change direction (diagonal across mats) and repeat. Shrimp (hip escape) drill, probably total of 50 m +. Then crunches (10 per person x number of people, each person counts to 10), then same with flutter kicks, then same with bicycle crunches  then same with ab kickouts then 20 x situps where you put your legs straight and as you’re sitting up you bring your knees up.

Rolling – About 30-45 minutes at the end of class. Due to size of classes and small room it’s mostly limited to ground work (although on occasion can stand up). Friday is typically smaller and allows stand-up. So far only found one of the black belts and two of the blue belts who like to roll no-gi, everyone else seems to prefer gi. Mon-Thurs Badeco will usually pair you up for each roll. White belts not allowed to roll for the first few week(s) until they have some basics down and less likely to spaz out (time is person dependent).


Sorry in advance if these don’t make sense. Typically written at midnight while searching for a similar video. Can’t be bothered re-reading them before posting to be honest.

Friday: Mainly just rolled, drilled some ½ guard with the other purple belt.
Sweep 1 – When they’re on all 4 – Standard underhook – dog fight – escape. Block the bicep with bottom arm, obtain the underhook and grab their far hip, sit up on side/elbow and then onto all 4’s, sliding your leg underneath theirs to end up in dogfight position, then roll them to their side with hip hook for back take (see Ryan Hall’s Back Attack series). Similar to this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YXSUkK8ckUA and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XT69-S0SeJ8
Sweep 2 – When they’re on knees / sitting up – Block the bicep with bottom arm, obtain underhook and grab far hip. Change bicep block to far knee block and use hip to pull them over the top for sweep. Similar to this: http://www.grapplearts.com/2013/04/my-favorite-one-two-three-sweep-combo-from-the-half-guard/ (hand on hip instead of foot)
Sweep 3 – If they have crossface / underhook (can’t remember – details from right side) – With your right hand, grab their left lapel, and pass through to your left hand and pull out. With right hand, underhook their left leg and pass lapel to your right hand, shrimp out and slide your left butterfly hook and then then roll them over for sweep (or return to guard). Similar to this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0kUK36g5_kk and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wn0CNKjHpxI

Monday: DLR sweep – cross grip on sleeve, opponent stands in closed guard, grab pants at ankle with other hand and go to DLR (DLR hook and push other knee away with other leg). Situp with legs tight around their ankle (use right leg in sweeping motion to help situp), and pass the sleeve hand through the back to your other hand (which was gripping the ankle) and with your now free hand, grab the near side lapel. Then pull the lapel down first and fold their knee forward with your knee (fall to your side). When they fall on all fours, bump their butt with your same knee and sit up behind them. Run to the opposite side and using the sleeve grip, roll them other and pass guard. Similar to combination of these two: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DMHvexOFAVQ (start) and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y3xCsVuHhUg (end).

More detail (second class – Tuesday) on roll: with lapel pull in tight and bring their sleeve arm from near right leg to near left leg and pull up with this hand (down with lapel hand) and roll them over their right shoulder. Be careful not to get caught in omoplata.

Wednesday: Cutting armbar from Double Under Pass. As they go for double under pass, thread arm through for underhook and get gable grip with other hand. Using other hand, push their face with elbow to get the other leg free and over their head. If too difficult, can break gable grip and push with hand on the head. Once leg over the head, use bicycle kick to get arm free (alternate pushing on their head and hips with each leg / hamstring), cinch in side of neck and roll to side (away from them) and apply cutting arm bar. Use hand on elbow and other hand grabbing your bicep (essentially folding your arms over. First technique in the video except instead of using triangle, get the other leg over the head first – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=erH2_n8lGxM. Technique from other blackbelt (Ude Gaeshi) while rolling. Standing up, when they grab your lapel, with same side arm, grab their sleeve at elbow and with other arm grab their sleeve at hand. Pull up with elbow grip and roll under their arm, be careful on unaware opponent as it’s nasty on shoulder, screwed mine for about two weeks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4dC_Mm8Do-s

Thursday: Spin Under Armbar. Set up guard armbar with arm drag across body with opposite arm (wrap hand around tricep, fold elbow in), can use same side/double sleeve grip to get initial pull of arm across then transition to tricep grip. Grip lapel on same side as their hand now is, pull down and push off hip to spin into guard armbar. When they stack swap hand that is gripping their arm and spin underneath using the back of your palm to push on their shin (or thigh if they’re still kneeling). Finish from here or grab their near leg and drag them around and over you in a circular motion (not across you) and onto their back in spiderweb position. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4stIHMAm4S4

Friday: lapel style omoplata. Didn’t really like it so not writing notes, felt awkward. Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b6pqq_kaEuI similar to that except from closed guard, and sit up to finish the omoplata instead of sweep.

Monday: Half guard sweep. From solid half guard on your right side (foot on foot, left arm controlling their same side (right) sleeve, right hand blocking their far arm (left) at bicep), pull sleeve towards your right side, and circle tricep over their arm and wedge in their elbow (like spider guard hook but with your tricep instead of foot). Best grip to use in sleeve is pistol instead of finger grip. With far arm (right hand), underhook their far leg (left) and sweep them over using underhook to push and tricep in elbow to pull them down. Similar to this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uR90yYoddX8 and more so this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jrYnS6dzsM4

Tuesday:  Half guard sweep: From good half guard (shin block, foot on foot), if their far knee is too tight to you push it out with your hand. Using opposite sleeve grip and tricep grip on their near arm, kick your top leg out and arm drag with 2 on 1. As you arm drag, sit up and push your arm (holding their sleeve) to the ground to pin their arm. With your free arm (that had the tricep grip), wrap around their pinned arm (overhook) and grab your far (right) lapel). Roll under them and underhook the far leg with the arm that was pinning their arm and sweep them. Similar to second style shown in: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T3fM2LX-WPo except lace other arm through and go for underhook instead of grabbing belt and using butterfly hook.

Wednesday: Different warmup, running then shrimp escapes, then eggbeater crunches going in circle then omoplata type leg motion, then air triangles with legs. Two techniques (described right handed, opponent standing):
Lapel DLR SweepTake the lapel out of their belt. Start with both feet on their hips, hands gripping sleeves. Right hand grabs their lapel, with right leg, lasso over the top of the lapel and push foot back on their hip. Swing left leg into DLR hook and sit up, pass lapel behind their leg (knee) to left hand then switch back to right hand except on the outside of their knee this time with pronated grip. With left hand, grab their opposite side sleeve and pull their arm in, while using DLR hook (left leg) to block their far leg along with lapel grip. Technique #2 in video (1:05) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C_t03V8Y-BA
Lapel Shin on Shin Sweep – Same as #1 to start (leg lasso, sit up, switch grips so right hand has lapel outside their near knee, pronated grip). After this, butt scoot back, bring left leg in front of their right shin (shin on shin), get up on your left hand and roll over right shoulder for sweep. Should end up in position for armbar or possibly kneebar. Technique #5 in video (3:47) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C_t03V8Y-BA

Thursday: same setup as technique from Tuesday night. Instead of rolling for underhook on leg, Punch their wrist to their hip like you’re rolling for the underhook with their arm, push their legs open with your half guard leg and push off free leg and then use half guard leg to roll them over the top of you. Instructor said it’s his own sweep so can’t find a video. The roll over is somewhat similar to this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MtEQkr3SU7Y instead of bumping them to the side and having your foot on their hip, you have that leg on the floor and push off with it and roll over your head.

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