Street Food – Brasil

We’ve tried a lot of street food so far, so here are a few photos. The biggest tip we have when trying street food (it’s a pretty obvious one) make sure that locals are buying from them and that they are busy. Most times you can get food for under $5R (like $2AUD).

Street food we haven’t photographed:

  • Meat Skewers
  • Chocolate
  • Tapioca (image sourced instead)
  • Sausage roll (do not be fooled – it is legitimately a red sausage deep fried)


Tapioca is a weird one to describe, it kinda has a gelatin taste to it and it can be served as a sweet or savory dish. I first tried it in Sao Paulo when we finished training one morning and I had mine with just butter. You can buy the tapioca flour in the shops here, so Ricky has been the Tapioca making extraordinaire. It’s great for when you need to smash your carbs. Ricky has made it with:

  • Cheese
  • Peanut Butter
  • Banana
  • Honey
Image Sourced: Eat Rio
Image Sourced: Eat Rio


Ricky got street corn in Fortaleza. There are a lot of food options along the beach, so just be picky with who you go to. We noticed heaps of people buying form this one guy so we knew it would be safe. Corn is pretty hard to stuff up though. Ricky got his with butter and salt.



Paid like 90c AUD for popcorn at the football match. At the football you can get churros, pasties, popcorn, nuts and drinks from your seat. People walk around with big containers and you just wave them down. I’d avoid buying the hot dogs because they use the red sausages.



Ricky’s favourite. I think he had it every night we were in Jericoacoara. Acai is a really popular dessert in Brasil and you will find shops dedicated to selling it. It’s kind of like sorbet but from a super fruit (healthy foodies love dis) you’ll usually see it perfectly presented with fruit/seeds/nuts/powdered milk and some form of a healthy hashtag. Prices can vary depending where you are in Brasil and the toppings are endless.


Pastel (Pastie)

You can get pasties everywhere! I had a chicken one (I admit I was scared I’d pay for it later) but it was really good. This photo was taken in Florianopolis, but I’ve also had one in Foz do Iguaçu outside of the bird park from a lady selling cold ones out the boot of her car – best $5R I’ve spent. It’s usually just meat/chicken/cheese wrapped in pastry.



This is what Perth is missing, Coconuts on the beach. When you buy one, they open it in-front of you so you know it’s safe and sometimes they can be as cheap as 60c AUD. You can find them anywhere where there is water so Rio, Jeri, Floripa and Fortaleza had them everywhere.



This photo was taken while we were on the Favela tour in Rio. Because we went to the morning tour all of the food in the bakery was really fresh (some were still warm). For like $4R per item we got a chocolate doughnut and coxinha (battered fried shredded chicken). I would pay for the tour again just to be taken back to this bakery.


Food Trucks

In Sao Paulo and Florianopolis Food trucks are really popular and normally they are all in 1 spot (similar to the Perth food truck rumble). There is a great atmosphere because you can buy alcohol, music is playing and the food is usually really cheap. We’ve had burgers and desserts from the food trucks.


Nutella Waffle / Nutella & Strawberry Crepe


Food trucks in Florianopolis


The best burger Ricky has ever eaten


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