Rio De Janeiro Part 1

Day 1 (Monday)

We arrived on a Monday night at about 8pm and got to our Hostel around 9. We just caught a taxi (way easier and safer than catching a bus late at night). We were warned that Rio was going to be the most dangerous city we would visit on our trip so the drive kind of seemed eerie, especially when we drove past the mountain with Christ the Redeemer. The statue was illuminated and looked like it was overlooking the city.

Rio was not only the most dangerous but also one of the most expensive, so we had to book a 6 bedroom dorm at Che Lagarto Ipanema.

When we got there it felt like happy hour, so many people at the bar and out the front – definitely more of the party atmosphere the other hostels were lacking.

Outside of the Hostel it was really dead, so we ended up getting dinner at the only place that looked open, about 2 blocks from the hostel (after getting shooed away from another place) – Armazem Devassa.

Later that night we discovered that our room was rampant with mosquitoes (and dead ones lining the walls and roof).

Day 2

We got up and did a big grocery shop at a relatively good grocery store (Zona Sul) located 500 m from the hostel on the main street (Rua Visconde de Piraja); they even had regular milk! After returning home, we did a massive cook-up for lunch and dinner and then planned what we were going to do for the rest of the week, along with walking down to check out the gyms for later that night.


#thatfoodprep Rio was a bit too expensive to eat out everyday

We had a nap that afternoon and then went to training. I went to CrossFit Carioca (Ricky waited around) and then we both went to Checkmat (Academia Fight Zone) for Jiu Jitsu which was a few hundred metres away in Copacabana.

While Ricky was in class I went next door to the convenience store to get some snacks for us both (we only brought Bananas)  while I was in there things got pretty scary with 2 homeless men hassling the check out lady for cash, I quickly hid behind one of the aisles, then waited for the store owner to shoo them away. I noticed that the owner stayed out the front, so I quickly went back to Checkmat.



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