Sao Paulo Crossfit

CrossFit Templo SA

If you’re in Sao Paulo I highly recommend CrossFit Templo SA – the coaches are really friendly and all the people who train there are more than happy to help you.

I went to 2 classes while I was there and about a third of each class spoke English.


Out the front of Templo SA CrossFit

Class 1 – Cardio suckfest

Warm-up: 3 rounds of 20 bar swings, 20 half burpees, 20 air squats, 20 ball slams (I think there was another movement but I can’t remember)

Strength: 5×5 Bench press on the floor @45kgs

WOD: In groups of 3; 200m 10kg carry walk/run, 90 T2B, 90 KB swings @16kgs, 90 OH Lunges (10kg plate), 200m 10kg carry walk/run, 45 T2B, 45 KB swings @16kgs, 45 OH Lunges (10kg plate)

Completed in 17 minutes

I hate cardio and when you’re in a group I always feel like you try that much harder to keep up. I was absolutely shattered after this. Cardio is not my friend. After this class I stayed back and spoke broken English/portugese with the coach, he was excited to tell me that the next day we were doing squats and a heavy WOD. Trying to walk home was an immediate struggle.


Post WOD feels

Class 2 – Back squats and heavy GRACE

Warm-up: 2 rounds; 200m Run, 30 star jumps, jumping squats, pushups and jack knifes

Strength: Back squats, 5@50%, 4@60% etc. until 2@90%.

WOD: Heavy GRACE, 30 C&J @45kgs 10minute cap

I got 24 reps and Ricky got 21 with 60kgs

This class and WOD was hell because we were both super sore and achy. I forced myself to eat straight after, and had lots of carbs and protein that evening to recover.


  • Timetable is on the website
  • Shirts are really cool (I think I paid R$55 for mine)
  • First class is free, drop ins are R$35 (actually really cheap)
  • Markets are right out the front for your post WOD feed


Me, Gui (trainer) & Nathalia (his girlfriend who spoke perfect English)


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