Jericoacoara Part 3

Day 5 – Our last day & kite surfing lesson

It was our last lesson for kite surfing and I had come down with a horrible virus, so you could say my day was pretty shitty (pun intended).

Ricky got the lesson to himself so he got to do body dragging then went onto water starts. He managed to get on the board for about 5 s and that was it.

When we got back I slept the rest of the afternoon while Ricky went out exploring to see Pedra Furada at sunset, which was much nicer than the dune. He also went exploring up and down the beach (Malhada) and the hills. Lots of great photos!

He didn’t make it down to Pedra Furada in time for sunset but saw it anyway which was nice. If you’re too tired to get back there were horse and carts there, unsure of price.

That night Ricky had dinner that night alone while I kept close to the toilet.

We both had a nap, then got up later that night (like 11:30) to pack for the early morning bus.

Bus ride back was super painful, but I luckily didn’t vomit or shit myself.

We stopped at a buffet place and I had rice and lemonade. Ricky ended up taking the leftover steak onto the bus because we only had 30minutes, that’s when he thought of – Steakaway.

Jericoacoara Pros

  • You can buy size 15 Havianas
  • Easy to get around
  • Super cheap food
  • Can use Eftpos at some restaurants (unlike what most review sites said)
  • Beautiful scenery
  • If you don’t speak Portuguese it’s okay to get around

Jericoacoara Cons

  • You need to bring a lot of cash
  • We had to paid our accommodation and transfers in cash (a lot of moola)
  • Feral Dogs/cats everywhere
  • Local Crackhead/dodgy characters
  • Water sports are expensive (but worth it)
  • 1 gym/no BJ

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