Jericoacoara Part 2

Day 2

We went to a breakfast place called Jeri Ju, $13R if you’re staying with Rodigo, otherwise $20R. Lots of flies in the morning, but everything was covered. We had a big feast, but we’re definitely sick of eating cake for breakfast. The hosts are really good, super fabulous like Rodigo, and you can order omelettes, pancakes, tapioca, whatever you like. Everything is made up fresh, so you can enjoy the continental breakfast while your omelette/hot food is being cooked.

We were focused on organising kite surfing on our second say and so, Rodrigo said he’d talk to a company he recommended about kite surfing for us. Unfortunately they weren’t open most of the day (even though the hours said theyd be open) wasted most of the day trying to sort it out.

We spent some of the afternoon relaxing in the hammock and walking around the beach, tried to find sandboarding but couldn’t see it anywhere. Also went to club ventos to check them out, got promised the head instructor, price was $785R for 3 days. Asked about sandboarding and he said they’re at the dune around sunset not during the day.

Went up to the dune again for sunset, took some photos. Everyone was doing love hearts and yoga poses etc, I decided to give it the finger. ‘Straya.


Unfortunately could only see one guy sandboarding and he didn’t seem to be renting so we headed back down … walking like a commoner.

Day 3 – Kite Surfing lesson 1

Kite surfed in the morning. Ricky started getting a cold which lasted the next 4 days. We learnt safety kite set up and some body dragging. Our Instructor was from Europe and it felt like there was a bit of a language barrier, even though she spoke English her instructions were hard to follow and theory was a bit all over the place.


We finished around 2:30 (back to B&B by then), went for lunch across the road. Great little Brazilian place, the owner used to clean our B&B and that’s where Rodrigo eats. Really good value and great food, kept going back for the rest of our time there. Around R$13 for a meal, so we were happy not to shop at the local supermarket with dodgy looking groceries. We went to a gourmet/Italian kind of place for dinner where I had goat with polenta and Ricky had steak. Went to bed early that night as we were exhausted after getting acaii / icecream. We noticed a donkey walking around eating trash out of all the bins, he is now known as trash donkey after he rejects my carrot offering.

Day 4 – Kite Suring Lesson 2

That day we learnt board retrieval / body dragging. Finished around 2:30 (back to B&B by then), skipped lunch and got a pickup straight to Lagoa Paraiso. On the advice of Rodrigo we went in a pickup instead of by buggy. Cost $15R each forpickup compared to around $150 for a buggy.

We ended up swimming in the lagoon and lying in the hammocks until around 4:30. Advised to leave the lagoon by 5-5:30 otherwise it gets hard to get transport. We were at the gate at 5 and our previous driver said he’d grab us then, tooted and drove off so we went with someone else.


Went to the place across the road for food again and also had a pizza. Be careful of the main bar that has the crocodile statue eating the tree, they charge you several fees for eating there. We had been warned by Rodigo about fees, but didn’t realise until we paid (no signs anywhere). Tried to go to BJJ tonight but seemed like it wasn’t open. Rodridgo’s mate said they train 7pm everynight but couldn’t see them. Not sure if we had the right place. Trash donkey denies carrot again and we drink gross $2AUD beer.


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