Jericoacoara Part 1

Fortaleza to Jericoacoara

We slept most of the 6 hour bus ride. There was a lunch stop The Enchanted Castle, it was a Churrascaria (weigh your plate) R$40 per kg. It was a nice place but kind of in the middle of nowhere. Our next stop was Jijoca where we swapped out the bus onto the truck/beach buggy car to take us the last hour to Jericoacoara.

We were nervous as the guy kept talking in Portuguese however we managed to figure out he was just saying facts about Jeri (copped on when he said about the illumination/no street lights).

Jeri Paradise

When we arrived feeling extremely lost and our confidence wasn’t helped when practically everyone we asked didn’t know where our pousada (inn) was. We got to meet the local crackhead who jumped at the opportunity to take us to our pousada, but luckily the Fretcar guide told him we were okay. He then found a buggy with someone who knew where Jeri Paradise was.


Our host was Rodrigo and he was fabulous! We fell in love with his 9 month puppy Lulu. We felt very comfortable, Rodrigo spoke English and was really helpful the whole time. We felt like he knew everyone in the area and could help with anything we needed.

That afternoon we unpacked and relaxed in the hammocks  in the front of the house. When it come to the late afternoon we wet down to the beach (like most of the tourists) and walked up Duna Do Por De Sol to watch the sunset. It was really romantic, but I think I ate more sand than anything else, it was super windy.


Met two of our housemates, Asha and Glenn, who coincidentally had lived in Rockingham in Perth. Both are kiting instructors however Asha was taking time off to focus on illustrating. Glenn was the new head instructor at Club ventos, plan to be in Jeri for 3 months.

We found out very quickly that it’s super cheap to eat out in Jeri, so that night we walked along the main square and found a busy restaurant to have dinner. There was lots to choose from, but we chose the busiest one as an easy option. We had a simple bife acebolado.


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