27th – 29th September

We got to Sao Paulo airport early to check in, both still exhausted from snoring douche. We boarded the plane, and fell asleep straight away. About an hour later we woke up to an announcement that we hadn’t taken off and that we needed to swap planes (delayed us about 3 hours).

When we got onto the new plane lots of people stared at Ricky because he had to duck his head while walking to our seats. #tallpeopleproblems

We slept most of the plane ride, it was freezing, Ricky had his arms in his t-shirt.

Che Lagarto Hostel

We arrived Che Lagarto Suites at around 7 in the morning, I was so happy I booked our own private room and I forgot it came with aircon. We smashed the aircon and fell asleep until 1.30 pm.

Hostel was in a very good spot, right next to a big supermarket and behind the beach/pubs/nightlife. It was really nice having our own room besides the hole in the ceiling and windows that went into the kitchen/sitting area (do not get a room on the 1st floor).

What we did

We spent Sunday arvo looking for places to do washing, nothing was open. Took the bus out but ended up going way too far, had to walk back about 4km. We found a lunch spot right on the beach so we decided to eat!

Note: most brasilian meals are meant for 2, so order 1 and see how you go. Ricky was able to finish his, so if you’re a good eater, you’re gonna love South America!


While we were eating we got innocently hassled for money and to buy nick-nacks.

That night we had dinner at Coco Bambu with one of the girls I used to work with at The Stables Bar, Bec.


[Bec and I at Coco Bambu, Fortaleza]

Coco Bambu was awesome for food, we got a table overlooking the beach. Bec spoke with the waiters and they recommended a shrimp dish, but Ricky isn’t a big seafood fan so we also got a meat dish they recommended. It was wayyy to much food for 3 people but it was amazing. Ricky and I paid $70 with drinks for all of us, we definitely recommend this restaurant for authentic Brazilian food with an awesome location.

Bec drove us back to our Hostel and walked us around the area showing us where the good bars were and what we could do (you can hire roller blades, carts to go along the beach with).

On Monday we did our washing in the morning and got our tickets from Fretcar to get to Jericoacoara. We thought our clothes would dry so we stuck them all over the room on any hook possible, still not everything dried over night. That day we played catch up, cooking and sorting out things to do.

Monday night we went for a massive walk along the beach, watched the volleyball and fitness class and explored the small Japanese garden. Ricky tried to go to BJJ (Academia Owner Body & Mind), but the class was at 8:30 and by 7:30 we were starving and exhausted so we bailed on that. Aldeota was a very nice area though, seemed safe to walk all the way there from the hostel, one street over looked very dodgy though.

Tuesday morning we got up early to go to Praiada hotel to catch the bus, ticket said 7:50 and 8:40 at hotel so we were unsure. Ended up getting us at 8:40 from the hotel. 7:50 we think is from the airport.

Travel Tips:

  • Buy cooking spray and keep it in your travel bag (easy than actual oil). It’s your best friend against shitty Hostel pans.
  • Bring a quick drying towel (Ricky’s mum saved our butt with these) They save you money and time along the way and double up as a beach towel if you need.
  • Ricky’s Leatherman (knife/scissors etc.) came in handy with the shitty hostel knives.

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