Fortaleza & Jericoacoara BJJ

Fortaleza –

For Fortaleza, I’d recommend using this site to find academies.

Would have liked to go to Equipe SAS (Náutico Atlético Cearense) given the 6th degree black belt however the price on the site said $160R which seemed too expensive. We later worked out this is likely for the month not a single class.

Due to the limited time we had in Fortaleza, on the trip back from Jericoacoara, we tried to go to Academia Owner (Equipe Nova União) however the website provided no price or time. We rocked up around 7:30, the typical time for classes; however class was not until 8:30. By this stage we were starving and 3 km from the hostel so we decided to head back home. The gym seemed in a very safe neighbourhood and had no trouble walking along the beach and up the street to the gym. Shown below is the time table and price list for Academia Owner (prices per month).


Jericoacoara –

We searched for it on Friday and Saturday night but couldn’t find it (Thursday night I was sick). We did find a gym that said Jiu-Jitsu on the fence but it looks like it’s been sold and now someone just lives there. The B&B owner said they train 7 PM every night (one of the guys he was speaking to told him while I was there) however he didn’t know where (said in the general direction of the club we found) but again, couldn’t see it. Read some blogs which said there is a blue belt running a school out of a house but no one else seemed to know.


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