The Voyage begins… Part 3

Abu Dhabi to Sao Paulo

Date: 22nd September

Total Time: 15 hours
We are currently on this flight at the moment, so that’s why I thought I’d catch up on what has been happening (we do have like 15 hours spare. It was comforting to know that ricky can be mistaken for Brazilian, while we were boarding the flight he let another guy into the line and the man replied with obrigado (which means thank you in Portugese).
We thought that the second flight would be a bit better for space, it hasn’t, but we’ve worked out that we can both comfortably sleep if I’m at the window and ricky is in the middle. We have been keeping ourselves entertained by imitating the dildo girl from the last plane who couldn’t work out where the headphones went and also imitating Connor saying  ‘mmmm spicy’ and singing random things.

We discovered that the mango juice is amazing (I actually wanted orange juice, but they ran out, I was so happy). I also woke up just before take off to a massive line of slag from my face to jumper, so tired.
We couldn’t keep out eyes open, so we fell asleep while the lady came around with lunch. When we woke up we asked if we could still eat the chicken lunch but they didn’t have the option we wanted left so the lady went and got us salmon, pasta and vegies from 1st class. Ricky ate the crackers, dry pasta and yummy butter cake
I’ve already tried to watch despicable me, but fell asleep, I think that’s the general vibe for this plane ride, sleep, sleep and more sleep.
Food Diary so far: write-offs, we will start tracking tomorrow (too much shitty food, soft drink and lack of vegies)


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