The Voyage Begins… Perth to Brazil Part 1

Perth to Abu Dhabi

Date: 21st September

Total Hours: 11

Check- in & Goodbyes

It was a really weird morning the day we flew out, we were both really excited but also sad to be leaving everyone.  I cried all morning and Ricky cried saying goodbye to Ned, my dog.

Ricky and I we went to the Airport separately and met there at about 12:15pm for the 3:40 flight. My Nanna had called me earlier that morning saying that there were airport delays in customs, but from the news websites it only seemed to be affecting the Eastern States; however when we arrived, we were informed that there were service outages and there would be a short delay.

After continually being told we would have a short delay, 2.25 hours later we finally made it to the front of the line. We had an issue with my booking, they thought I had changed the date. Equally confused (as there had been no changes made), the airline lady managed to clear the fee request and we were on our way, which explained the troubles we had with online check in.

As soon as we were finished at the check in counter, we were told we had to go straight away. It was really rushed saying goodbye to everyone, but I think it worked out better that way. Only a few tears to share and then we were off!

When we boarded the flight, they didn’t take my departure card (hopefully this doesn’t cause problems on re-entry!) and Ricky had issues with his passport, however this seemed to be a machine issue only. Once on the flight Ricky and I had our own 2 seats without anyone next to us, so we got to stretch out.

On-flight Entertainment

What felt like the most intense week prior to us leaving we were happy to have a long flight ahead of us to do nothing but eat, watch TV and sleep. Before take-off we noticed an English girl trying to work out where the headphones were meant to go in for a few minutes, so we had a giggle until eventually her husband showed her it was in the armrest, not behind the controls or tray table or in the cup holder.

I had 1 movie in my head that I needed to watch: Frozen. It was a solid 7/10, but I definitely shed more tears in Lion King. Come to think of it, every single movie I watched on the flight I cried, I think I was overly sensitive from leaving everyone and plus I got my period on the plane. I didn’t really sleep and Ricky was sick with reflux and stomach cramps from the dessert, so for the 10 hours I watched Frozen, Inside Out, the start of Furious 7, an episode of Bobs Burgers and then the start of 500 Days of Summer.

The Food

For mains Ricky had the Chicken, steamed vegies, mash potato and gravy. I got the vegetarian Nasi Goreng and we both enjoyed the crackers, cheese and bread rolls. The raspberry mousse left a weird feeling in Ricky’s stomach after, but I thought it was yum!

Flying Tips So Far

  • Be extra exhausted the day you are flying out – it makes it easier to sleep
  • Pack one of those really comfortable head rest pillows
  • The headphones socket is usually in the armrest
  • If you can, buy a headphone adaptor so you can use your own head phones (ours was a Sennheiser

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