The Voyage begins… Part 2

Abu Dhabi

8 hour stop-over
By this stage, we were both really tired and Ricky was really sick (needing the toilet every 30mins). The first thing we did when we arrived to this ginormous airport was to check our connecting flight wasn’t delayed and that we didn’t need to do anything with our luggage. The polite lady behind the counter told us that our flight was on schedule… 8 hours to go, our bags were all organized and gave us 2 meal vouchers to use while we waited.

What we did

Abu Dhabi airport is massive, it has over 60 gates, 2 food courts and a shit tonne of chocolate stores. We avoided buying anything/using our own money so we rationed the 2 food vouchers and got McDonalds as a safe bet for Ricky’s stomach. It was intimidating ordering at the counter, but the guy understood that I didn’t wanted mayo and that it was takeaway so all was good.
When we walked around we found that there was a smoking room that only fits 2 people, but 4 people cram in at a time (can smell smoke from a mile away). It was absolutely freezing in the airport so we only dozed off every now and again, Ricky fell asleep while on bag duty, but that was okay, because there was hardly anyone in the gate we were sleeping at.


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